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Thread: Paus Benediktus XVI Mengundurkan Diri

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    Re: Paus Benediktus XVI Mengundurkan Diri

    Baru kali ini sejarah dalam agama Katolik

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    Re: Paus Benediktus XVI Mengundurkan Diri

    Pope Benedict XVI resigns: First Pontiff in 600 years to stand down because he 'no longer has strength to carry on' | Mail Online


    Pope Gregory XII was the last pope to resign, standing down in 1415.
    His resignation ended the Western Schism - a split within the Catholic Church from 1378 to 1417 which saw two rival popes claiming to be in office: one based in Avignon, France; the other in Rome.
    The dilemma of papal allegiance arose following the death of Gregory XI, an Avignon Pope, in 1378.
    When the College of Cardinals met to vote for a new pope, a Roman mob broke into the voting chamber and forced the election of an Italian pope - Urban VI.
    Unhappy with being cornered, some cardinals returned to Avignon where they elected Clement VII as the pope.
    This forced followers in Europe to choose loyalty towards either Avignon or Rome.

    Until 1409, there were two popes simultaneously, although the Avignon Popes (Clement VII and then Benedict XIII) were seen as antipopes - in other words, those in opposition to the one generally viewed as the legitimate pope.
    The Roman popes were Urban VI, Boniface IX, Innocent VII and Gregory XII.
    Cardinals allied to Gregory XII and Benedict XIII decided to try and resolve the situation by getting the pope and antipope to meet and make an agreement.

    However, at the last minute they pulled out and it was decided at a church council in Pisa that they would elect another pope - Alexander V.
    He died in 1410 shortly after being elected and was succeeded by John XXIII.
    To resolve the situation the Council of Constance managed to get Pope Gregory and Antipope John to resign so a new election could take place.

    "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" . (Henry Ford)

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    Re: Paus Benediktus XVI Mengundurkan Diri

    Setahu Scor?.
    Jika ada yang membaca ke perjanjian lama?.
    Di situ Musa ada menulis ataupun menyatakan bahwa usia maksimal seseorang Imam adalah 55 tahun.
    Artinya, Jika udah mencapai 55 tahun?.
    Dianya wajib pensiun.

    Cuma tidak di sebutkan berapakan usia minimal seseorang boleh menjabat menjadi seseorang Imam.

    Scor taksir saja.
    Misalnya: Minimal 40 tahun.
    Maka masa tersisa adalah 15 tahun.
    Karena akan pensiun di usia 55 tahun.

    Itu setahu Scor.
    Karena udah lama Scor tidak membaca Al Kitab, Hehe.

    Sekarang mengenai suksesi keKristianian di dunia ini?.
    Awalnya adalah di tunjuk.
    Di mana Yesus Kristus saat itu, Sekitar 2000 tahun yang lalu telah menunjuk salah seseorang murid Nya untuk menggembalakan domba domba Nya.

    Setelah itu kepergian Yesus Kristus?.
    Mereka menentukan suatu posisi dan jabatan untuk seseorang dengan cara mengundinya.
    Setelah di pilih beberapa nominasi.

    Itu yang Aku, Scor ketahui.

    #Masukan Saja.
    Jangan di perdebatkan.
    Jika mau berdebat?.
    Scor sich nawarin untuk mencari uang saja.
    Karena cuma itu yang Scor perlukan di bumi .
    Just call Me Scor;
    Member and Son of God,
    Brother of Jesus Christ in Heaven.

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