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Thread: Bahaya Aspartame

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    Re: Bahaya Aspartame

    Quote Originally Posted by GEO View Post
    mungkin maksudnya walaupun banyak kandungan berbahayanya tapi tetap bisa lolos, gitu kali?
    Ini kan ngurusin sertifikasi HALAL, ke MUI ya? bukan ke BPOM. Jgn" meskipun mengandung bahan" ga HALAL, dengan mudahnya (pake duit) Sertifikat itu diterbitkan, berabe dunk, sebagai muslim harus percaya kpd siapa kl bkn ke MUI?
    "Adios Amigos permios da atos"

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    Re: Bahaya Aspartame

    French Study Confirms Safety Of Aspartame

    Food Insight
    May/June 2002

    Recently, after an extensive evaluation of the scientific literature on the sweetener aspartame, a committee of independent scientific experts selected by the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA) reaffirmed the safety of aspartame. In October 2000, the French Consumer Affairs Ministry asked AFSSA to form an expert committee to study any possible link between exposure to aspartame and the occurrence of brain tumors. This evaluation was conducted in response to concerns regarding aspartame that appeared in the media and on the Internet, in which it was alleged that aspartame was associated with adverse neurological health effects in humans.
    In May 2002, the expert committee produced a report reviewing the toxicity of aspartame on the central nervous system in laboratory animals and humans. The report examined the available toxicological and epidemiological data concerning the effects of this sweetener on the nervous system and on the quantities of this sweetener consumed by the general population and by particular populations such as diabetic children and teenagers.
    On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the current scientific data, the expert committee concluded that there is no relationship between aspartame consumption and brain tumors in humans or animals. Furthermore, the metabolites of aspartame—phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol—are provided in much greater amounts from everyday foods and by normal cell metabolism than from the consumption of aspartame. There is inadequate scientific evidence to establish that these metabolites are the cause of the harmful neurological effects. An examination of peer reviewed, published works has shown no relationship between aspartame and epilepsy or changes in brain activity. In addition, aspartame intake in humans, even in users such as diabetic children, does not exceed the acceptable daily intake.
    This review once again confirms the safety of aspartame as a sweetener in foods.

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    Re: Bahaya Aspartame

    Punya penyakit gula memang sulit, mau minum nggak manis nggak doyan, minum pakai pemanis buatan bisa menimbulkan bahaya, kalau begitu pilih-pilih pemanis buatan yang akan diminum, selain Aspartame barangkali ya ..

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